Interview presenting the Athos Table - TV Brasil

Concreta Exhibition – Chamber of Deputies – Brasília – DF. See some excerpts from the interview.

Athos Table

Niemeyer Table

Athos Table – Brasília Design Expo 2018
Claudio Santoro National Theater – Oscar Niemeyer – Brasília – Brazil

Athos Table
Brasília – Cultural World Heritage and Creative City Design – Titles awarded by UNESCO

Athos Table

The Athos Table was created by the Studio of sisters and partners Katia and Morgana Moraes. She is inspired by the work of Brazilian artist Athos Bulcão: Sculptural Wall, exposed permanently in the Chamber of Deputies, the Brazilian Parliament, in Brasília, Federal District. The work of the artist was set to compose the Green Hall, one of the spaces of the legislation house. At this location, the Sculptural Wall divides the functional and elegant shape environments, because their hollow elements allow other works and the ambiance of the place are viewed through the wall. Following this concept, the Athos Table makes a rereading of the work of the artist, also allowing walls and objects to be seen by various angles of the table. For being inspired by the Sculptural Wall, the Athos Table received authorization to manufacture and trading of Fundação Athos Bulcão (, nonprofit institution that administers the works and the copyright of the artist. Part of the values obtained with the sale of the pieces will be allocated to social projects of the Foundation.