Katia e Morgana Moraes Studio


Katia and Morgana Moraes Studio has operated in Brazil for over 20 years with architecture, interior design and furniture.

The pieces created by the Studio mix aesthetic and timeless references.

The Studio's most recent work is the Athos Table, inspired by The Sculptural Wall by artist Athos Bulcao, launched in September 2016, in Casa Cor Brasilia, an annual event that brings together renowned architects, designers and landscapers.

Piece inspired by The Sculptural Wall, a work by brazilian artist Athos Bulcao which is exhibited in the Chamber of Deputies in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. As an homage to the artist, the piece from sisters Katia and Morgana received support from Athos Bulcao Foundation (www.fundathos.org.br), nonprofit institution that administers the works and the copyrights of the artist.

Katia Moraes Designer

Katia Moraes is a brazilian postgraduate in Interior Design at the Instituto Europeo di Design-IED/IESB (2011), in Brasília-DF, Brazil's capital. She was born in the South of the country, and since she was a teenager she was already interested in giving form, function and beauty to the pieces of furniture. Today she creates timeless, sophisticated and exclusive pieces for the most varied environments.

Morgana Moraes Architect

Morgana Moraes is an urbanist architect graduated from the University of Rio do Sinos-UNISINOS (1997) and has a postgraduate degree in Interior Design at Centro Universitário Ritter dos Reis (2001). She was born in the South of Brazil and has 20 years of experience in architecture and interior design.